Saturday, May 11, 2019


After two operations sessions it came to pass that one aisle was unacceptable. Although I thought I had planned the scheduling efficiently enough, the reality of UNplanned consequences take shape. I discussed a few possibilities to minimize and not overcompensate to expand the aisle. After some consternations and reassurance from a couple of reliable friends, we decided to cut!First I took a few days to clear the deck underneath the section. Fortunately I have plenty of friends including members of the Garden State Central Model Railroad Club and those who have been contributors over the past 10 plus years.
Here is a time-lapse shot by good friend Andy Salcius of the ATLANTA SHIFT. You will see initial planning, then Ray appears with his saws-all... it felt extreme, like being at a field hospital and the doc says, "Just amputate!" Shortly after, you see the crew appear. Not knowing how difficult the shift would be I invited about 10 fellas. At first I though 4-6 would be sufficient. But given all the unexpected shift encounters I could conjure up, 10-12 was best. This was an affirmation on good planning... hours, and it paid off as the actual maneuver took about 1 minute.