Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Out of Town Guests

 We were privileged to have a couple of members from our Civil War RRs group visit the W&A, Roger Rossi from TX and Dan Free from NYC. Left to right... Dave Eberhardt, friend since high school days whose layout was my first experience building layout models; Christopher Eldridge who has scratch built several structures on the W&A. It helps that in addition to being an incredible model builder he is also a master carpenter; Dan Free who wrote and published his book  on Japanese RR's; Frank Marticelli from my local model railroad club, and Roger.

Here is the cover of Dan's book. It is a most remarkable work of research!

I have been busy working on a couple of locomotives installing the Tsunami 2 1100 decoder as well as working on my NMRA Achievement Program for structures. Although a fair amount of paperwork, it has helped me become more thoughtful and organized on my approach to building. It has also been a fabulous time having a few NMRA Division members visit as judges.