Thursday, December 8, 2011


After a very brief consideration D.C. and I had decided to include the ridge to further define the look of this layout section. However, the pass was not in this location. Enter an extreme version of selective compression. The rock point seen here is actually at Dalton, known as Rocky Face Ridge. Alatoona Pass was much farther south. The other consideration to adding an element inconsistent with the actual route was to give up the longer countryside run. The beauty of having a large mainline is to include 'rail fanning' scenics. The fun and realism of watching the runs through stretches of landscape. However after some debate on these two questions the area was too good to pass, pun intended.
Although advances in this scene has occurred, as seen in the Alatoona Pass Label file, this first photo gives you an idea on our starting point.

In these series of photos you can see the work that D.C. has begun.

Here, on the left, I am consulting with D.C. as to the ridge size. He took the photos. He then got to work cutting down the 1/4 inch Masonite with a jig saw, attached it to the fascia then added the foam board which he scribed prior to make the bend.

One of the unique aspects of the pass was the steepness. Approximately 80', this provided the perfect element given the narrow area that the mainline will travel. In these next two photos he attached cardboard support strips, compliments of Micro Mark, with the ease of gunned hot wax. This cardboard lattice will support sheets of plaster gauze.

The photo below shows he has added Sculptamold on top of the partially hardened plaster gauze. This is an excellent paper mache material with texture and, as seen here, has been carved. D.C. has added the rock outcropping definition and spray painted the gray as a base before final painting and weathering. He has also begun adding ground cover, dirt 'liberated' from the Alatoona Pass area. The stubs have been added as well and are ready to be wired.

Next time we hope to show you the final scene and perhaps a short video, with trains runnin!

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  1. Looking good. The pass was a highlight of the ACWRRHS trip tto Atlanta last Sept. I'm glad you could incorporate it in your layout.