Thursday, October 31, 2013


Brian has been a part of this railroad scene since 2003 when he along with DC Cebula and Chris Brannigan came to visit at my home. It was our second time together, the first being Timonium - a neutral location that seemed most reasonable to all especially since we had a relationship only through emails. We of course hit it off and Brian offered to began painting the backdrop. His first foray was painting a 35'x3' canvas. Ever since then he has visited many times and continues to add backdrop scenes as the railroad evolves. April 29, 2013 I captured a few stories on how he began his interest in modeling the American Civil War. Hope you enjoy our interaction.


  1. Is that a bottle of "Oh Be Joyful" or "Popskull" in the foreground? Does it help to keep the hands steady? I prefer KY Burbon myself but ever since that incident with the keys and the Loco shed well I just nip a little "tonic" now and again.
    Yours truly

  2. "Hooked on Antietam," now there is an expression you don't hear too often. Beautiful is painting too.