Sunday, October 9, 2016


I have been using Musket Miniature figures since the beginning as this company has the most extensive, close to scale, diverse in figures and reasonably priced; an easy choice. Although I use a variety of figures including Preiser, New Designs and Airfix, to name a few, of the nearly 450 figures on the layout 400 are Musket's. Most recently Kris, new owner of the company, has been speaking with several members of our Civil War Railroads and Modeling yahoo group as he looks to expand his product lines. He asked that I send him photos of the W&A to see how they are displayed and possibly to use one or two for his marketing. The key however is finding great, not good, but great artists to paint them. I have been fortunate to have found 4. Here are some of the shots I sent to Kris.
Track Gang

Pontoon Approach
Camp McDonald Big Shanty

Dalton Depot

Supply Train

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