Monday, November 27, 2017


A brief recap on the roof construction begins with the jig. One unexpected 'plus' was the aluminum flashing purchased from Home Depot. It was was 2' long and 1' wide, the exact measurement I needed. Funny thing is, I had arbitrarily decided on the shed size to fit the layout pace. SOMETIMES we catch a break! Scrap plywood fashioned the base.

The roof was constructed with 2 sub-sections of .010 sealed with Ambroid ProWeld. The finished roof is 4 sections of Evergreen V Groove #4250 also sealed with ProWeld. My initial attempt, disaster, JB Weld was used which, after a couple of days, separated and was easily pulled apart. These photos are the 2nd attempt; as of today the roof is holding tight!
A distinct construction aspect of this roof is that you can see the seems running across the roof as well as a gutter.
This is the key reason for choosing the V Groove styrene. To model the seems, which on the actual structure were soldered. I used Evergreen part #111 to model the seems. Testers liquid cement was used to attach these into the V groove slots.
Here is the new roof completed including the gutter which is three layers of Evergreen part 102 off-set to mimic the photo. Next is to add about 80 corbels. The "final" phase is the cupola with approximately 32 windows, 64 louvers and 100 corbels.