Monday, March 25, 2019

Musket Miniatures

I have a had a couple of inquiries about Musket from this blog and an email. I want to see if I can offer some explanation for the lack of response from Kris.
I have been speaking with and emailing Kris since he purchased the business a couple/few years ago. I know he was having some health issues and would go dark on occasion. But eventually I would hear from him. He purchased a loco from me and a few structures as he was very intent on wanting to provide ACW RR items in HO. I have received figures from him in the past and many years prior from the original owner. Kris asked, or I offered I forgot which, to use photos of my layout with MM figures in scenes, etc., for his web site which he did. However, several months ago we spoke. He was going to ship me some items but they never arrived. I have sent him a couple of emails since but no response. I do know that he was getting heavily involved with creating O scale figures, artillery, etc. as he was in a new venture with someone. He did say he would start up the HO ACW figs but apparently has not. My biggest concern is that something has happened as Kris was eventually responsive. Truly sorry that some of you have had this unfortunate experience with MM. I for one know of very few other sources for these figures.

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