Saturday, November 26, 2022

Operations November 26, 2022

A few crew members ventured back from the November 12 session. We had another 6 people for 3 crews. Here we have Dan making a move at Allatoona Pass as Ed and Jim await to proceed. 

Bill and a new operator Andy on a break.

We had many more mishaps on this run. 4 turnouts decided not to throw completely. YOI! However, immediately after the session, repairs and adjustments were made. And once again, most folks had a good time. I realize that my connection to the period can absorb frustrations. This was confirmed from a few others who shared mishaps and instances that were plausible, anchored in this time frame's circumstances. Derailments, for example, we very common among a host of other unforeseen incidents. As a result, the mishaps they experience are absorbable.

Continuing discoveries include seeing that rules of the 1860's were quite different than those as close as the 1870's. There are a few simple ones I can include in the next session.

A huge part of the game of operating in this era is how to operate as prototypical as possible, i.e., link & pin couplers and some acceptable  mechanical breakdowns (electrical issues are not an option, 'FIX IT!' I say to myself). 

Interesting outcome was the conversations we had after lunch. We shared knowledge and perceptions of many aspects of prototype operating. Like, what did brakemen do with an extra link or pin? The history is the juice for me. Learning and then applying what is reasonable. 

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