Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Here are the latest photos of progress in Chattanooga. Our last posting of this section showed only a few maps and mock ups such as  the "Car Shed" in the background. Next is the completed Adams Express Co. across the street from the nearby hotel known as the Crutchfield House. Both structures were scratch built by Chris Comport from WI. DC added the platform. Although the platform is not shown in any diagrams that we've researched, nor is such a structure mentioned in any reading, for the purpose of a model railroad we included it for operations.

This next photo is looking south, opposite from the above shot. We are 90% complete on this section. Other details and perhaps another commercial structure could be added in the open space at left.
Chattanooga was a terminus for the W&A and Nashville & Chattanooga lines. Later the East Tennessee & Georgia RR was added. The only through line was the Memphis & Charleston R.R. Given that all these lines came into Chattanooga there are many possibilities for model railroading operations. 
The yard was filled with cars from different lines for the sake of the photo. These other rail lines are the Atlanta & West Point, Macon & Western, and the Georgia RR, all of which came into Atlanta.

These last two photos below show the scratch built Adams Express Co. and Crutchfield House by Chris Comport.

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