Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Turntable Discussions, Episode 1 with DC Cebula

I have had the extraordinary good fortune to find some of the most gifted modelers and artists who have contributed to the this model railroad. More than displaying photos of their work and them, I thought to present each one in a manner that would connect viewers to what has motivated and inspired them to do what they do. The first foray was an interview on this blog last year with Brian Kammerer, our backdrop artist. Using the layout as the setting, our conversation was off-the-cuff and informal while Brian was in the act of painting. We received more comments about that posting and requests to do more interviews than any of the other blog posts. Months later I saw, and was inspired by, the MRR Video Plus Roundhouse Discussions where three MRR staff talk about a wide variety of model railroading. I found them to be very engaging, fun to watch and I learned nuances of modeling philosophy and practices. This helped shape the idea for "Turntable Interviews", using a similar format with our many modelers and historians.

DC Cebula is featured in this latest episode. He is our American Civil War Rail Roads Historical Society Yahoo group moderator. Some background, DC is from Delaware and acquired a degree in historical archeology. His vision has been to apply his passion and knowledge to the education, preservation and modeling of Civil War rail roads. If you have frequented our blog you have noticed that his work and photos are all over the place. He has been the key contributor to the ideas, planning, and construction of all aspects of this layout, plus a dear friend. Hope you enjoy the ride.


  1. Thom,
    If DC hadn't put that little notice in MRR where would we all be...those key words brought us all together to share our interests and talents. Outstanding accomplishment thanks to the internet. From our humble beginning at the Cow Palace meet at Timonium and the follow up in the Spring at your home ....... It's been all uphill since then!
    Brian K

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  3. Thom,
    What a wonderful new video! Your web site is becoming a show case for the forum's most active modelers--and an inspiration for all us other ACW train fans.
    On a separate note, what paints are you using to get those nice ocher colored freight cars on the A&W layout?