Saturday, September 19, 2015

'Resources for Old-Time HO Modelers'

We are a small niche in the world of model railroading. And when I find a person, site, group or blog that is also interested in, if not devoted to, period/Old Time railroading I do what I can to promote their existence. Hopefully this translates into greater visibility and at best connections and trade craft sharing as well as product purchases.

Here is one such site by John Ott. I have not had the pleasure to meet John, yet, but noticed he or someone from his site visited my W&A blog. I usually check out those who are checking out us and found John's site to be quite uplifting in that he does promote manufacturers, vendors and fellow modelers. Listed are everything from figures to kits; some of whom many of us know such as BTS and Bernie Kempinski's USMRR. 

I encourage you to visit his site, which is also listed with other notable sites and clubs on the right side of our blog page.

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