Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ACWRRHS Spetember 2015 Annual Meet

The York 4-4-0 on the return to New Freedom from Hanover Junction. This was one of our highlights last weekend as we ventured into PA for our annual meet. From left to right, Teresa and Gerry Dykstra, Alan Hart and Mark Richardson, first timers to our meets, Al and Barb Mueller and Janet, behind Barbara, and Joel Salmons. This train operates out of the Steam Into History museum in New Freedom. On this run it was meant for railfanning picture taking. Unfortunately for us we did not know that this event was planned for night photos. All we had were iPhones and less-than high end cameras. Fortunately one of the pros was kind enough to take this shot. 
Below is Bill Aldrich, a volunteer guide and authority on the Gettysburg train station and an extraordinary model builder. Here he is showing us his G scale model of the 4-4-0 Conewago which pulled the car carrying then president Lincoln to Gettysburg for the consecration of the national cemetery where he read the famous Gettysburg Address. Bill scratch built the 4-4-0 from the actual plans... and I do mean scratch including working levers, double cross head guides and an engineer who he fashioned from a photo of the actual engineer.

 Here is a closer view of his craftsmanship.
 And another. Bill also scratch built the passenger car.
And here is one with the engineer.
He also built a G scale model of the Gettysburg station and an HO model of the station area including various structures and track. These are located in the train station. Bill also built an N scale model of the entire town which is housed in the Wills house, the building where Lincoln stayed during his trip. These and many other photos of our trip can be viewed on our site: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Civil_War_RRs
Once there, click on Photos, then Albums and click open 2015 MEET. There are other photos showing N scale modules built by Joel Salmons and Paul Dobbs as well as beautiful G scale models of flat cars hauling artillery  most of which was scratch built by Dennis Lenz. Here is one shot of him with Gerry. That's Paul, red shirt, and Joel in the background.

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