Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Memphis & Charleston RR - NEW PHOTOS!

Just received these photos from Charlie...
If this is your first visit, these depict an O scale model railroad by Charlie Taylor and his crew. He and his railroad live in the Memphis area. 
Chattanooga Car Shed  
W&A Depot
Chattanooga Blockhouse
 Trestle over Running Water Creek Bridgeport, AL
 On the M&C crossing the TN River Bridgeport
Leaving Chattanooga for Memphis
 Outside of Corinth, MI
 Stevenson, AL

 Huntsville Turntable
 The Train Room

Charlie Taylor and crew have been pounding rail and laying bricks as they continue their work on the Memphis and Charleston RR, figuratively of course. As some of you may know, Charlie's line is O scale and they have been building since 2010. His roundhouse stable and rolling stock inventory includes equipment from SMR and BTS models. He, on rare occasion, sends me a text with a photo or two of progress. One of his key collaborators is Carlie Curro who builds structures, primarily. There is also nephew Will Shirey who is the backdrop artist. 
Here are a few of the latest images I received from Charlie, one as recent as this week.

This is the famous Crutchfield House, the hotel a short distance from the Car Shed. It was here that then President Jeff Davis gave a speech to a crowd off the balcony to the left of this view in 1861, maybe '62. Nearly all of the structures are laser cut. By the way, the Car Shed on left with curved roof... its about 5' long!
Charlie's layout is housed on the second floor of his 3 car garage, the 2nd floor built specifically in mind for this magnificent O scale model railroad. The M&C line includes significant stations in Memphis, Corinth, Huntsville, Stevenson, Shellmound/Nickajack, and Chattanooga with additional water stops in Germantown, Bridgeport and Whiteside.
He uses Fast Tracks turnouts as they have mastered turnout forms and templates which expedite the laying of track.
Above is a model of the cave where the dirt was used to make  saltpeter for the making of gunpowder. This was an area in Tennessee known as Nickajack as was the largest single domestic source of saltpeter for the Confederacy. I suggest clicking on the image for a larger view. This is not a painting but a 3D model, and this cave is quite huge; O scale!
Below one of SMR's 4-4-0's with a few of their freight cars, passing at the foot of Lookout Mountain.

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